Equipping Stakeholders for Safer Routes

University of the Philippines – National Center for Transportation Studies (UP-NCTS), along with Clean Air Asia, Sustainable Mobility in Metropolitan Regions in ASEAN (SMMR), and Baguio City joined forces to equip local stakeholders with the tools to create safer school zones.

A recent training program brought together 27 participants from Baguio City’s local government units (LGUs), universities, and schools. The training focused on:

  • School Zone Safety Assessments: Participants learned the iRAP Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) methodology to evaluate school zone infrastructure safety.
  • Child-Centered Planning: Child-Responsive Urban Planning (CRUP) principles and methods for collecting data on Commuting Characteristics of Schoolchildren.

The training highlighted the need for a holistic data collection approach. This ensures school zone assessments capture the unique challenges children face on their commutes. By gathering different types of data, the project can identify safety improvements that specifically address children’s vulnerabilities.

Building a Safer Future

This training marks the launch of a comprehensive project dedicated to enhancing school zone safety in Baguio City. The project will involve several key activities:

  • Project Brainstorming: Stakeholders will work together to develop project ideas specifically tailored to Baguio City’s unique needs.
  • Capacity Building: LGUs and academic institutions will receive further training on Child Road Traffic Injury Prevention (CRTIP) and safe mobility practices.
  • Safety Assessment and Implementation: The SR4S tool will be used to assess school zones and identify necessary safety improvements. Irisan National High School will be the pilot school for implementing these road upgrades.
  • Participatory planning: Local stakeholders and students will be involved in participatory design workshops to develop effective solutions for their communities.

By promoting a child-centered approach and utilizing a comprehensive data collection strategy, this collaborative effort aims to transform Baguio City’s school zones into safer environments for children traveling to and from school.

Image credits above: Clean Air Asia and UP-NCTS


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