Our vision is a world where children travel safely to and from school

Let’s make every school journey safe for our kids! 

Each day 500 children are killed in preventable traffic crashes around the world. Sometimes they are killed just yards from the school entrance.

Each traffic death and injury violates a child’s right to an education.

Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) is an award-winning evidence-based programme of tools, training and support to measure, manage and communicate the risk children are exposed to on a journey to school.

SR4S is informing strategic investment in infrastructure upgrades saving lives and preventing serious injuries every day. It is also empowering global and community advocacy to address the leading killer of young people world-wide – road traffic deaths.

FIA Region II Clubs Enhance School Zone Safety Expertise

From November 14 to 23, FIA Region II Clubs participated in a series of four online training sessions focused on enhancing school zone safety. The training program, organized by iRAP in collaboration with AIP Foundation and supported by the FIA Foundation, aimed to...

Scalability Survey: Tools to empower youth and SR4S assessments for safer roads

We would like to invite you to participate in our short survey to evaluate the potential for scalability and replicability of these tools and how iRAP tools can continue to support the SR4S community to save lives. The survey is less than 10 minutes, and we appreciate your feedback by COB 14 November 2023.

Safe and Healthy Journeys to School in Botswana

Botswana school zone received vital road safety improvements through collaboration between the automobile club Emergency Assist 991 and road safety NGO Amend, supported by FIA Foundation.
Gaborone West Junior Secondary School in Botswana has undergone life-saving infrastructure improvements to make the school journey safer for over 800 pupils.

YOURS Campaign: #ClaimingOurSpace and Raising our Voice – Youth Consultation 2023

Inviting young people aged 15-35 from anywhere in the world to take part in the Consultation by completing an interactive online survey to collate and gather unique insights that will help shape the GYC’s future work as well as formulate policy documents that will empower young leaders to demand and deliver change on a local level.

Building on international collaboration to leverage regional strengths for safer school zones across Asia Pacific

AIP Foundation, FIA Foundation, and iRAP are proud to announce a new collaboration to build capacity for all FIA Region II Clubs. Funded by the FIA Foundation, the first phase of the program will focus on the Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) methodology developed by iRAP.

Automóvil Club de Chile launch school environment improvements – Puente Alto, Chile

As part of the Global Road Safety Programme – Star Rating for Schools and the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme 2022, the Automóvil Club de Chile launched their second intervention to improve school environments. The location was a kindergarten and nursey “Las...

Star Rating for Schools September 2023 Newsletter

The latest Star Rating for Schools newsletter is out now – read some great stories of how SR4S Lead Partners are engaging partners and leading safer infrastructures around the world.In this issue: Welcome to our new SR4S Coordinator - Minh Vo iRAP and partners awarded...

iRAP welcomes new Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) Coordinator, Minh Vo

We are excited to announce that Ms Minh Vo is joining the iRAP team as Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) Coordinator. Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) is an evidence-based program for measuring, managing and communicating the risk children are exposed to on a journey to...

Improving the Safety of School Zones across FIA Region II

AIP Foundation and iRAP are partnering to deliver a training programme to Region II clubs exploring the implementation of safety interventions around schools and how assessment programmes can be scaled up to deliver safe speeds and infrastructure around schools. The project will also provide in-country support to select Region II Clubs to adopt structured school safety programmes.

Youth Participation in School Safety Zones Assessment: A Case Study in Indonesia

A peer reviewed paper has been published in the Journal of Road Safety (Vol. 34, Issue 2, 2023) titled 'Youth Participation in School Safety Zones Assessment: A Case Study in Indonesia' and authored by Estiara Ellizar, Sukma Larastiti, Titis Efrindu Bawono, Windu...

Safer School Zone improvements celebrated in Zimbabwe

In a recent LinkedIn post, Youth Advocate Tendekayi Marapara celebrated the implementation of road improvements around a local primary school as part of the Safer School Zones project, implemented in Zimbabwe. A video summarising the project and its importance to the...

TKA undertake SR4S assessments to understand safety around Lithuanian schools

In 2023, specialists of the Public Enterprise Transport Competence Agency (TKA) conducted studies, which included the use of SR4S assessments, to evaluate the safety of infrastructure around five private and five state Lithuanian schools in Vilnius and Kaunas.

Peru awarded honourable mention for SR4S project

In the Good Urban Management Category, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has been awarded an Honourable mention for its Safe School Environments Program which is using SR4S to evaluate and improve the safety of school journeys around its municipality schools in Peru.

Portugal’s National Strategy for Active Pedestrian Mobility 2030 recommends Star Rating for Schools to assess safety and walkability

Portugal’s new National Strategy for Active Pedestrian Mobility 2030 recommends for the use of iRAP Star Rating for Schools for walkability assessment studies to assess risk, star rate safety and inform investment to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

Implementation of Safe School Zone in the Condado sector (Ecuador)

The Municipality of Quito, through Epmmop and with the support Star Rating for Schools Global Programme Partner 3M, developed the safe school zone project in the area of ​​the Sixto Durán Ballén school.

A global road safety program that seeks to protect children in their school environments arrives in Chile

The Star Rating for School programme will be executed by Automóvil Club de Chile (ACC) and the first intervention will be carried out in a school in the Lo Espejo commune, as part of a project to implement 200 school road safety improvements throughout the country in five years.

A road safety journey from a SR4S Youth Leader

Tendekayi Marapara, a road safety advocate, shares his road safety journey- Part 1

8 projects funded for safer school streets – FIA Road Safety Grants announced

The FIA has announced the recipients of their 2023 Road Safety Grants Programme in four streams, including to clubs to support safer school journeys. Eight projects will implement the FIA School Assessment Toolkit, three will promote Helmet and Motorcycle Safety, five will deploy the ‘Drive in the Moment’ toolkit to fight Distracted Driving, and eight will focus on Partnership Support.

iRAP receives Google support to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Road Safety

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), iRAP’s Star Rating for Schools and AiRAP partnerships will be scaled up to provide 3-star or better journeys to school and address road traffic crashes that are the leading cause of death among children and young people worldwide.

What makes a 3-star or better school journey?

Every four minutes, a child dies in a traffic crash around the world. Many others are permanently injured. Children walking to school are particularly vulnerable. In many countries, most crashes involving children happen within 500m from the school, many of them at...

Global Alliance member HOVITA used SR4S assessments for a ‘Scaling up Advocacy for Safe School Zone Uganda – Gulu City Pilot Project’

Excerpt from Global Review on Road Traffic Safety and Successful Establishment of Safe School Zones Safe Environment for Children Report Page 14: 3.2.1 Scaling Up Advocacy For Safe School Zone Uganda- Gulu City Pilot Project Hope for Victims of Traffic Accidents...

Speed management infrastructure piloted to support new 30km/h speed limit rules around schools in Moldova (EASST)

Last September, the Government of the Republic of Moldova approved amendments to the National Road Regulations mandating that all school zones should have a default maximum speed limit of 30km/h. This policy change followed a 2 year advocacy campaign led by local NGO and EASST partner, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM)….

Want to help make journeys to school safe? We’re recruiting a Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) Coordinator

iRAP is looking for a collaborative and enthusiastic person with a passion for safe mobility and experience in road safety to coordinate the global Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) program. Road crashes are the major cause of death of young people aged 5-24 years old....

New SR4S model will go live on Tuesday June 27

You may have seen the news that we are updating the SR4S model. The model review was performed under the guidance of iRAP Global Technical Committee to ensure SR4S reflects the latest research, evidence and experience of partners around the world using the tool. SR4S...

UNRSF 2022 Annual Report launches with SR4S Partner projects featured

Star Rating for Schools partner work was celebrated in the UN Road Safety Fund 2022 Annual Report: Local Actions, Global Impacts launched on 25 May at a hybrid media event held during the ITF Summit in Leipzig Case stories in the Report feature results from the Fund’s...

3M extends support of SR4S as Global Programme Partner for two more years

Building on an existing 3-year partnership supporting the SR4S vision of a world where children travel safely to and from school, 3M announced that it will continue to support SR4S as a Global Programme Partner for two additional years. The partnership began in 2020...

Star Rating for Schools May 2023 Newsletter

The latest Star Rating for Schools newsletter is out now – read some great stories of how SR4S Lead Partners are engaging partners and leading safer infrastructures around the world.In this issue: Enhancements coming to the SR4S model – here is what you need to know...

Enhancements coming to the Star Rating for Schools model – all the information you need to know

SR4S (Star Rating for Schools) has been used by partners in 63 countries to assess the risk children are exposed to on their school journeys. iRAP is now updating the SR4S model, under the guidance of iRAP Global Technical Committee, to ensure SR4S reflects the latest...

UNICEF Paraguay – Students analysed road safety in the school environment

Image credit: UNICEF Paraguay Students from the Paraguay Pyahu school in Caaguazú recently attended a workshop supported by the Paraguayan Touring and Automobile Club and UNICEF. They analysed road safety around the school, supported by the SR4S app, and proposed...

Four school zones in Georgia get a ‘5 Star’ upgrade informed by SR4S App

The FIA Road Safety Grants Programme and the FIA Foundation have together supported the Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (EASST), Partnership for Road Safety (PfRS), and the Georgian Automobile Sport Federation (GASF) to upgrade four school zones in...

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