In exciting developments, iRAP has integrated results from the YEA (Youth Engagement App), recording road safety perceptions of students travelling to and from school, into Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) assessments to provide a more comprehensive picture of the safety of school zones across Vietnam, and soon the world.

The YEA is an innovative iRAP tool which empowers youth to participate in and inform road safety decision-making, and raise awareness on safer roads. The app collaborates with the SR4S programme, collecting the road safety perceptions of students travelling to and from school.

YEA information is now displayed in the SR4S web app, and can support the identification of locations for infrastructure assessment with SR4S. It is possible to filter them by safety level, and assessors can then create SR4S locations in the areas informed by the students.

The YEA is currently being piloted in 3 cities in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Pleiku City, and Yen Bai), where 1,800 students have pinned 15,000 locations noting  their safety perceptions on road safety risk at each location. The results will support the SR4S assessment of 106 priority schools.

“I think that the YEA is a fantastic tool to create safer streets in my neighborhood. With the App, I can easily alert the local authorities and let them know where there is a danger. This App makes me feel safer. It also makes me feel like I am a part of the solution, which gives me the power to make an impact,” said Dang Phan* a local youth from Nguyen Hue High School at the recent YEA Launch Event in Yen Bai.

The Youth Engagement App was developed as part of the Ai&Me Empower Youth for Safer Roads Project funded by the Fondation Botnar and FIA Foundation. The app has been developed by iRAP with the collaboration of the AIP Foundation.

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Examples of comments captured:

  • Sidewalks are bad.
  • It is difficult to cross the streets.
  • The streets are not well lit.
  • Vehicles travel at high speeds.