Image credit: Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez

In June 2022, iRAP held a meeting with SR4S Lead Partners in London. AIP Foundation, EASST, FIA, Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation and Global Alliance joined iRAP to hear the progress of SR4S tools since the previous meeting in 2021, to reflect on where the programme stands now and what is expected moving forward with the development of the SR4S tools in 2022 and beyond.

Partners shared their experience leading projects focused on improving safety around schools and how SR4S has been included as part of their different approaches and strategies. They also provided their feedback on the use of the tool and main challenges and concerns in implementing road upgrades around schools.

SR4S Lead Partners have been supporting for years the development of the SR4S tools, providing invaluable feedback and guidance. Following the global launch of the SR4S in 2020, SR4S recently launched new features based on the on this feedback, including:

  • New SR4S Quality Review interface
  • New Road Upgrades tag linking pre- and post- assessments
  • Validation of coding flagging inconsistencies in the coded attributes
  • New option to search schools by project at the Dashboard

iRAP also announced that a new version of the SR4S mobile app is under development and will be launched December 2022. Main features will include:

  • Functionality both in Android and iOS
  • New interface and layout in consistency with SR4S web app
  • Simplification of coding screens
  • Inclusion of coding guide within the app
  • Ability to accommodate language management
  • Simplified installation process through regular app stores

During the meeting, partners were also updated on the ongoing model review and the AI&ME project. This innovative pilot, led by AIP Foundation and supported by Fondation Botnar, is using big data and AI to map pedestrian risk around 1,000 schools in Vietnam and develop an app to connect young voices with decision-makers for safer roads.