The project “Voting for Life”, led by SR4S Lead Partner Global Alliance of NGO’s for Road Safety member Thiago Gonzaga Foundation, has engaged more than 700 students of Porto Alegre, including schools who participated in the first SR4S project conducted in Brazil. 

Read press release below from Thiago Gonzaga Foundation

The project gathers students from several schools in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, to talk about mobility and road safety with candidates for running for mayor’s office

This is an invitation from Thiago Gonzaga Foundation to hundreds of students from Porto Alegre.  The project “Voting for Life” presents a series of online meetings with candidates for mayor, in which young people themselves ask their questions about mobility and road safety.

“In young people, I place my hope for a better future, without violence and full of  life. I dare to say that only with the participation of youth it is possible to transform our city and the whole world ”, highlights Diza Gonzaga, founder of the Thiago Gonzaga Foundation and the Vida Urgente program.

The events are exclusive to volunteers and young people who participated earlier in the Vida Urgente Workshops. The online activity was carried out online this year with more than 700 students from Porto Alegre, including schools participating in the first SR4S project conducted in Brazil lead by the Thiago Gonzaga Foundation, to discuss road safety and youth participation. In these workshops, young people wrote letters to the candidates, presenting their demands, their commitments and, above all, their dreams for Porto Alegre. In other words, claiming our space in a local perspective! The result is in “Vida Urgente Youth – A Manifest for Life”, available on the website: