Given the circumstances of COVD19 experienced around the world, the Gonzalo Rodríguez Foundation launched a cycle of webinars on different aspects of children’s road safety. One of these webinars,  ‘Entornos Escolares Seguros (Safe School Environments)’ featured the Star Rating for Schools tool and how it can help improve the journey to and from school for children.

During the webinar, held on the 4 June, 53 participants from 9 Latin American countries were informed on the current context of school environments, and the work being carried out by the Foundation in different Latin American cities, with the support of iRAP.

Participants included decision-makers, both at national and sub-national levels, NGOs and people involved in road safety. The specific intention was to provide these attendees with the knowledge and skills to promote safety and healthy mobility.

Star Rating for Schools Global Programme Coordinator Rafaela Machado joined the webinar as a speaker, introducing the SR4S and explaining how the tool can contribute to support local governments with identifying the best cost-effective countermeasures.

Jorge Carrizo, Director of Community Services, Road Safety and Civil Defence of the Municipality of Guaymallén, also presented in the webinar. He covered the experience of Guaymallen, where 81 schools have been assessed an upgraded in partnership with the GRSF (Watch this Guaymallen experience here).

The webinar series included also other important topics for successful projects to ensure child safety, such as data-oriented decision making, communication strategies, challenges on the use of motorcycles in the Latin-American region, school transport and key safety elements of child transport.

Image credit: Gonzalo Rodríguez Foundation