The FIA School Assessment Toolkit has been released to FIA member clubs. It is a web-portal for FIA Clubs around the world, to improve the safety of school journeys in their local communities. It provides over 30 documents to support FIA members in establishing their school assessment projects with Star Rating for Schools, such as technical guidelines and templates for press releases, communication on social media, letter to main stakeholders and reports.

The Toolkit is a dedicated web-based repository that guides FIA Clubs through the key steps to undertake a school assessment. It provides the knowledge, guidelines and templates needed to plan, resource, apply and advocate for the upgrades that will save children’s lives with a 3-star or better journey to school. The Toolkit allows the scalability of use of SR4S among FIA Members as well as introduces the CAA’s behavioural School Zone Assessment tool.

The Toolkit may become a helpful resource to non-FIA members as well. A Spanish version is also under development and will be available in late 2020. This Toolkit has been developed by the FIA and the iRAP, with support of the Fundación RACC and the CAA, thanks to the funding provided by the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme.

Image credit: FIA