Photo credit: Global Alliance of NGO's for Road Safety 2019

SR4S update from the Sixth Global Meeting – Global Alliance of NGO’s for Road Safety in Crete, Greece (April 2019).

On Thursday 11 April, iRAP participated in the Child Health Initiative workshop on safe journeys to schools with 60 other attendees. The workshop looked at a variety of evidence-based programmes that focus on child safety, including child restraint systems, helmet use, and improvements in the road environment. The session provided an opportunity for attendees to learn from others, share experiences and chart a way forward.

The session was opened by Saul Billingsley (FIA Foundation, SR4S Major Donor) and Shane O’Connor (FedEx, SR4S Founding Sponsor), and the programme included key SR4S Lead Partner presentations.

The programme included key SR4S Lead Partners sharing their experiences worldwide addressing key road safety issues involving kids, such as:

  • Leveraging Partnerships to Improve Child Helmet Use in South East Asia – Mirjam Sidik (Chief Executive Officer, AIP Foundation)
  • Road Safety Kids’ Court in Mozambique – Texel Cossa (Country Manager, Amend)
  • Improving Safety for Children in School Zones through Local Safe Kids Coalitions in the USA – Kristin Rosenthal (Senior Program Manager, Safe Kids Worldwide).

Julio Urzua (iRAP) provided one of final presentations of the day, ‘Star Rating for Schools around the Globe’ where SR4S was introduced and the road map to 2020 was launched, along with the Phase 1 report.

Click here for more information on the Phase 1 Report and Road Map to 2020.