Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the SR4S network.

With the cases and links below, you will be able to understand how the SR4S works, get inspired by successful stories and define how it can be incorporated to your project.

These 10 general steps may provide you a guideline to structure your project, but please note that each project may have a different structure, steps and stakeholders involved. Take a look at the FIA School Assessment Toolkit to see more details of each of these steps.


You can also get started on planning your project with the SR4S video courses (available in English and Spanish). After you get a first idea of your project structure (number of schools and locations for assessment, and any particular technical support that you may need, such as additional training or mentoring), please contact iRAP for connection to one of the certified SR4S Lead Partners to discuss an agreement.

After you get a partnership with SR4S Lead Partners or iRAP, you can register your project to the SR4S web application and will be able to get started with your assessments.

A journey of success

The Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) Lead Partners are leading the way with the SR4S pilot and good news stories from around the world. Read and watch these stories and get inspired to take action in your own region, country, school, community.

Resource Library

Here you may find helpful templates and guidelines to support the different stages of your project. Click to download the relevant document or access the link.