23 May 2024: The Australian College of Road Safety (ACRS) International Outreach Chapter (IOC) hosted an online event focusing on the Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) programme and its success in Botswana. The session including speakers Gale Motlhajoe, Co-Chair (Botswana) of the ACRS IOC committee and co-founder of SORSA, Botswana’s first youth-focused road safety NGO, and Minh Vo, SR4S Coordinator.  

Participants were introduced to the SR4S programme of tools, training and support to measure, manage and communicate the risk children are exposed to on a journey to school.  The session highlighted the successful application of SR4S in Botswana. Since 2017, the Society of Road Safety Ambassadors (SORSA) has partnered with various stakeholders to assess over 40 schools across the country.  

Recently, Emergency Assist 991 and SORSA partnered with iRAP to train 32 Botswana District Road Safety Committee members on SR4S. An initiative that aims to roll out SR4S assessments locally and build capacity for local stakeholders, ensuring its wider adoption and impact.  

Following the training, three schools were selected for SR4S assessments. Based on the findings, recommendations for minor infrastructure improvements were developed and implemented. The successful case study of Botswana serves as a model for using SR4S to significantly improve road safety for children and young people around the world. It highlights the importance of collaboration, capacity building, and targeted interventions in achieving safer school journeys.  

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