One school among 40 schools assessed in the project (Image credit: Artyom Petrosyan)

The Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) in Armenia project, a joint collaboration between the Armenian Association of the Official Representatives of Automanufacturers (AORA) and the Armenian Automobile Federation (FAA), and supported by the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme 2023, aims to enhance road safety in selected school areas in Gyumri and Vanadzor cities. The project aims to establish new benchmarks for school zone safety not only in two project cities but also with the potential to expand its impact nationwide.

Approximately 40 schools in total (20 schools in each city) will be assessed with the SR4S tool to identify and address the most hazardous spots, with the goal of upgrading them to achieve a 5-star rating. 1-star is the least safe while 5-star is the safest location. The project will proceed through several phases:

  • Fieldwork and site investigations to identify high-risk locations around schools.
  • Engagement with local authorities and stakeholders to discuss the project and secure necessary agreements.
  • Training sessions for local participants to involve them in the project and ensure effective implementation.
  • School zone assessments using the SR4S tool.
  • Upgrading of at least two schools (one in each city) having the lowest star rating to achieve a 5-star rating.

The project is estimated to benefit up to 10,000 students in Gyumri and Vanadzor and contributes to the National Road Safety Strategy in Armenia. The official presentation of the project outcomes is scheduled for September 2024, underscoring the commitment to transparency and accountability in achieving road safety goals.

Meeting between the project team and government officials of Vanadzor city to discuss the project details and other community activities (Image credit: Artyom Petrosyan)