Image: “Driving Change: Youth Engagement for Improved Road Safety” Session (Credit: FIA Foundation)

Road safety remains a critical concern for children and adolescents because road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for young people aged 5–29 years. Recognizing the urgency of addressing this problem, SR4S and its partners have been actively participating in initiatives like the Global Forum for Adolescents as part of the five-year campaign instigated by the FIA Foundation to raise adolescent and youth wellbeing issues including safe road environments.

The Forum on 11-12 October coordinated by the global alliance for women’s children’s and adolescents’ health (PMNCH) was the culmination of a global ‘What Young People Want’ consultation involving 1.2 million young people, gathering their views on priorities for actions concerning various issues affecting their lives, including road safety.

SR4S lead partners including iRAP, Youth for Road Safety (YOURS), Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety and the AIP Foundation, together with The George Institute for Global Health, UNICEF, and WHO co-delivered the session “Driving Change: Youth Engagement for Improved Road Safety” focused on youth-led road safety advocacy. The session discussed how adolescent engagement can accelerate public health change and combat climate change, inspiring collective efforts to make roads safer and ultimately improve the well-being of young people worldwide.

Highlighting innovative tools such as the Youth Engagement App (YEA) and the Start Rating for Schools Programme at the Global Forum for Adolescents, SR4S partners were able to demonstrate the importance of youth empowerment to help shape safer road infrastructure initiatives. Providing real world examples of how school road design plays a crucial role in ensuring safety for children an adolescents worldwide.

SR4S’s partner participation in the Global Forum for Adolescents highlights their unwavering commitment to promote road safety and empower young people to become agents of change. Through collective efforts and sustained actions, we can pave the way towards a world where every journey is a safe journey, and adolescents can navigate the roads with confidence and peace of mind.

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