Image credit: Myriam Borzee (iStock)

Information extracted from original information listed on limacomovamos.orgclick here for the details in Spanish.

In the Good Urban Management Category, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has been awarded an Honourable mention for its Safe School Environments Program which is using SR4S to evaluate and improve the safety of school journeys around its municipality schools in Peru.

Lima Como Vamos promotes the use of evidence and active citizenship to improve the quality of urban life in Peruvian cities and its City Award recognises projects that:

  • Demonstrate good practice and leadership in urban matters, promoting their continuity and helping to maximize their impact.
  • Strengthen the country’s cities and scale and/or institutionalize its impacts for the benefit of society.
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration between actors who work for better cities.

The awarded Safe School Environments Program selects an educational institution for evaluation using the Star Rating For Schools app to determine the safety of road infrastructure around the school with stars from 1 to 5. Once the level of road safety has been quantified, low-cost but high-impact interventions at critical points will be prioritized by the relevant municipality.

Congratulations on this achievement and we look forward to helping make many more school journeys safer for children in Peru.