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The FIA has announced the recipients of their 2023 Road Safety Grants Programme in four streams, including to clubs to support safer school journeys. Eight projects will implement the FIA School Assessment Toolkit, three will promote Helmet and Motorcycle Safety, five will deploy the ‘Drive in the Moment’ toolkit to fight Distracted Driving, and eight will focus on Partnership Support.

The FIA School Assessment Toolkit based on iRAP’s Star Rating for Schools methodology will be applied to improve road safety in school zones by:

  • Automobil Club din Moldova (ACM) (Moldova): This project will be a continuation of the previous “Safe crossings – safe journeys” project of ACM&FIA, that is being successfully implemented in Balti, Ungheni and Singerei cities.
  • Armenian Automobile Federation (FAA) (Armenia): The “SR4S in Armenia” project will focus on the school areas in two large cities – Gyumri and Vandzor. It will include the assessment of at least 10 schools in each city to choose the most dangerous spots to upgrade and increase their Star Ratings.
  • Azerbaijan Milli Avtomobil Klubu (AMAK) (Azerbaijan): AMAK and EASST will partner to improve road safety around schools in Azerbaijan, following their advocacy efforts in school zones in Baku and Sumgayit cities.
  • Botswana Emergency Assist 991 (Botswana): The project will assess the safety of three primary schools near public roads and to address risk factors in relation to the road infrastructure that may contribute to road safety among students entering or leaving the school premises.
  • Mobilité Club Maroc (MCM) (Morocco): The project will identify high-risk schools, select 5 of those for detailed assessments, organise educational activities for the children in a school and implement road safety facilities.
  • Palestinian Motor Sport and Motorcycle Federation (Palestine): the main objective for this project is to provide the main needs for Al-Jeeb Secondary School for Boys to strengthen road safety and ensure the safety of the students during their entry to and exit from this school.
  • Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE) (Spain): as part of this project, RACE will carry out an analysis of road safety in schools in one of Spain’s municipalities, assessing the risks to children’s health and safety and the risks in the routes that schoolchildren take from home to school and vice versa.
  • Touring y Automóvil Club de Colombia (ACC) (Colombia): ACC will carry out an analysis of road safety around two schools in Bogotá and one in a different city with the use of the SR4S tool, improve infrastructure at these schools and carry out a drawing contest activity with children and teachers.

Congratulations to these clubs that now have the opportunity to implement life-saving infrastructure and showcase successful interventions and their impact for children walking to school.

To create a network between the grantees and foster knowledge- and experience-sharing, introductory meetings will be organised. They will complement solid monitoring and evaluation tools that will be provided to the grantees to help them with project management.

The projects selected will be implemented under a solid monitoring and evaluation framework and will help achieve the goals identified in the “Sustainable Mobility for All” advocacy strategy of the FIA Mobility. They will be supported through two programmes: the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme and the FIA Sustainable Mobility Programme.

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