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Mozambique auto club ATCM has joined forces with road safety NGO Amend on new school zone safety assessments, infrastructure change and child-led advocacy supported by FIA Road Safety Grants and the FIA Foundation.

Five schools in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, will undergo safety assessments using the SR4S methodology, with a selection to receive infrastructure improvements to make journeys to school safer. Further, the project will include the Amend Kids’ Court programme, through which children are empowered to act as “judges,” questioning drivers who are caught speeding, talking on a mobile phone, or failing to wear a seat belt outside their school.

Amend Mozambique country manager Texel Cossa and Rodrigo Rocha, ATCM President and Vice-President of the FIA for Sports – Africa, signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the new project, joined by FIA Foundation Programme Director Aggie Krasnolucka, CEO ATCM Cristian Bouché, FIA Mobility Grants Coordinator Anais Aïte, and Maria Manhique, Interim FIA Mobility Secretary.

The new project builds on the relationship between Amend and ATCM following the Safe and Healthy Journeys to School project supported by the FIA Foundation’s grant in 2021.

Aggie Krasnolucka, FIA Foundation Programme Director, said: “It is fantastic to see the further partnership between ATCM and Amend to deliver safer school journeys in Maputo. Auto Clubs have a vital role to play in both advocating for and delivering changes on the road to make all road users safer and we are delighted to see it happening in Maputo.”

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