The Global Alliance of NGO’s for Road Safety held a livestream session ‘Live from Leipzig 30 in Action’ at the FIA booth during the International Transport Forum – 2020 Summit, in Germany last month. The event showcased the benefits of implementing  30 km/h limits where people move, live and play – Star Rating for Schools Global Programme Coordinator Rafaela Machado participated as a panel member and provided invaluable information on how speed limits can make school journeys safer for children across the world and the role of the SR4S tool.

The livestream event was hosted by Lotte Brondum, Executive Director at the Global Alliance (SR4S Lead Partner) and also included Saul Billingsley, Executive Director of the FIA Foundation (SR4S Major Donor) and Ferry Smith from the FIA (SR4S Lead Partner).

Watch the recorded video from the event below.


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About the ITF Annual Summit:

The ITF Annual Summit is attended every year by Ministers, heads of road agencies, engineers and practitioners, corporates, and civil society. It offers an opportunity to reach beyond road safety practitioners to the wider transport sector and as such was an opportunity for the Alliance to represent the voice of NGOs outside the traditional road safety community among transport decision makers with an influence on road safety. The theme of this year’s event was Transport for Inclusive Societies.