Star Rating for Schools Lead Partner Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (EASST) has released their 2021 Annual report. It highlights how SR4S has been used in projects and to advocate for safer school journeys, including:

  • Page 3 – Advocating #Love30 for Safer School Zones as part of the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week by joining global calls for 30km/h speed limits to be the new norm for cities, towns and villages.

Excerpt from page 3: Our partners’ projects are seeking to raise awareness on a range of interrelated issues as they campaign for better enforcement, safer streets, cleaner air, an improved environment for walking and cycling, and improved infrastructure around schools. Across the region, they have been working with traffic police to identify high-risk schools in their cities and use global tools such as Star Ratings for Schools and the NACTO Designing Streets for Kids Guide to assess and advocate for improvements, including lower speeds.

  • Page 16 – Implementing a Safer System in West Kazakhstan (supporting the implementation of their 5-year road safety action plan to reduce road casualties by 25% and child mortality by 50% by 2025.)

Excerpt from page 16: We have continued to support local authorities and engineers to train in and carry out road safety audits at high-risk crossroads in Aksai and Uralsk as well as conducting Train the Trainer training sessions on safe routes to school using the iRAP Star Rating for Schools App. Based on data collected and road assessments, local authorities have agreed to reconstruct at least two pedestrian crossings and two dangerous intersections in Uralsk. 

Congratulations to EASST for your achievements in 2021, we look forward to supporting you to create more safer journeys to and from schools for children.

Click here to download the EASST 2021 Annual report