Road attribute coding is one of the most important and demanding tasks in SR4S assessments. Errors can have a significant impact on the results, leading to incorrect Star Ratings. For this reason, all SR4S assessors are required to submit each location assessed for quality review to check consistency of coding. The embedded quality review process ensures the reliability of the results generated in the platform, and only after the approval of an accredited independent reviewer can the Star Ratings be calculated.

To support the global delivery of assessments, a group of SR4S Lead Partners has been trained and accredited as Quality Reviewers, and is ready to deliver support to partners undertaking SR4S assessments worldwide. iRAP accreditation helps ensure that iRAP assessments are performed to the same consistently high level of quality worldwide.  The list of accredited reviewers will be published shortly on the page.

What is the cost of conducting a SR4S assessment?

Thanks to the generous foundation sponsorship of FedEx, major donor support from the FIA Foundation and global support of 3M, the SR4S online courses can be accessed in multiple languages free of charge, and the SR4S tools are also free to air. To generate the star rating, however, the assessment data must be approved in an independent Quality Review.

The cost of Quality Assurance may depend on the number of locations assessed and is subject to separate agreements with accredited reviewers. Check our list of accredited Lead Partners and get in contact for a quotation. Lead Partners may be also available to provide mentoring and capacity building on SR4S, subject to separate agreements.

Want to get started with an SR4S assessment?

  1. Register your interest at
  2. Explore the information pack that will be sent to you and the Useful Resources page and follow the 10 suggested steps to structure your project
  3. Discuss your project with local partners and stakeholders
  4. Get a partnership with an accredited SR4S Lead Partners or iRAP
  5. Submit the Establish a Project form with details of your project and get started with your assessments

Who can get accredited to be a reviewer?

In this first phase, selected organisations have been invited to apply for the accreditation based on their demonstrated knowledge and experience with SR4S. Accredited Quality Reviewers are skilled members from Lead Partner organisations and have been leading SR4S assessment over these last years.