As part of the Youth Stars programme, Master Trainers delivered a four-week training for members of the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety to understand, use, and apply the SR4S methodology and its tools to rate school zones in their communities.

Each week from 15 March 2021, a different topic was covered by the master trainers Daniel Cano from Colombia, Minh Vo from Vietnam, Alex Ayub from Kenya, and Shantel Jacobs from Belize. The first session was an introduction to the SR4S methodology, the second was on project structure, the third was on data collection and the SR4S tools, and the fourth one was about different road assessment cases and frequently asked questions about the programme.

Coalition members were invited to attend the training during the 4th and final  Capacity Development Programme Series on Star Rating for Schools, which was held in February 2021. During the event, Master Training were asked to talk about their experience with the Star Rating for Schools methodology and engage Coalition members.

Thanks to YOURS – Youth for Road Safety and the Global Coalition for Road Safety – you can watch the highlights from this session below.

The session was led by International Road Assessment Program – iRAP Star Rating for Schools Global Program Coordinator, Rafaela Machado, and YOURS Master Trainers; Alex Ayub from Kenya, Daniel Cano from Colombia, Minh Vo from Vietnam, and Shantel Jacobs from Belize.

The Youth Stars Programme was launched in 2019, in a partnership of YOURS (Youth for Road Safety) and iRAP, thanks to the sponsorship of FedEx. The 3-year programme is engaging young leaders to become Master Trainers and implement a multiplier effect to train other young leaders on the SR4S methodology, empowering their peers to undertake assessments of school zones around educational institutions using the Star Ratings for Schools approach to promote and ensure safe journeys to school, college, and universities.

Congratulations to the Master Trainers involved and the 5-star training from YOURS and the Global Coalition for Road safety.  Let’s amplify our voices and help make the journey to and from school safer for all children across the world!