26 May 2021

iRAP delivered a SR4S Train the Trainer course to member organisations of the SR4S Lead Partner Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. This was an exclusive training opportunity for SR4S Lead Partners, to help them empower local partners with the use of SR4S to improve the safety of children and ultimately deliver 5-star pedestrian journeys to, from and around schools.

The course was attended by SR4S partners that have been leading school assessments and improvements in 6 countries. During the training, Avoid Accident, Road Safety Pioneers, Kwapda’as Road Safety Demand Trust Fund (KRSD), Zambian Road Safety Trust, Thiago Gonzaga Foundation and LASER International learned how to plan and deliver a SR4S training and support to governments, local organisations and school communities.

The certified SR4S Trainers will be capable of promoting and building the capacity on the effective use of the SR4S methodology in an accurate and consistent way. The curriculum included:

  • Learning objectives of a SR4S course
  • Frequent questions on assessment planning
  • Frequent questions on technical tools
  • Advanced tips on SR4S assessments
  • Quality Review Process