The Touring & Automobile Club de Colombia (ACC) has been working with local partners to improve safety of children walking to school in Bogota. Four schools have been selected for the pilot project with SR4S assessments.

Colegio Agustiniano Norte was particularly selected by the club because in the past, 21 of its students died in traffic crashes.

In addition to this school, Colegio Glorieta Trébol and Colegio Compartir, located in the town of Mosquera in the department of Cundinamarca, and Colegio San Josemaria Escriva De Balaguer, located in the town of Chia in the department of Cundinamarca, were also assessed.

Complementarily, Colegio I.E.M. Roberto Velandia in the town of Mosquera in the department of Cundinamarca, has been assessed and selected to be upgraded based on the safety recommendations provided by SR4S, in order to raise its road safety Star Ratings.

The assessments have been carried out by a trained team of ACC, with support of iRAP, and resulted in a report to guide discussions with local partners on priority of assessed locations and countermeasures. This pilot was also a demonstration of the use of SR4S to identify priority locations for treatment based on Star Ratings and risk scores.

Upgrades of Colegio I.E.M. Roberto Velandia should be implemented in the first semester of 2021, and a launch ceremony is planned with relevant local and national stakeholders.

Image credit above: ACC