Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) has reached a major milestone with road modifications at 7 schools through the Walk This Way (WTW) program, supported by FedEx and implemented by AIP Foundation.

At the end of 2020, Government representatives, school administrators, and AIP Foundation came together for a year-end meeting to review post-modification results of target schools taking part in the WTW program. Based on results of the pilot modifications at 4 schools in the last school year, AIP Foundation collaborated with Ho Chi Minh City government to conduct school zone modifications at another 7 schools in Ho Chi Minh City, making it safer for school children and other road users.

Out of the total 37 program schools, AIP Foundation selected seven schools based on their low iRAP SR4S ratings (1-2 stars). AIP Foundation conducted modification assessments via iRAP’s SR4S app, which helps rate the risks and safety of roads on a 1-star (least safe) to 5-star (safest) scale. Based on post-modification results, the majority of the safety star-rating of schools increased across the board. Although 2 schools did not improve their star rating, they recorded a significant reduction in risk scores post-modification compared to baseline scores.

As a result, HCMC governments and schools acknowledged the benefits and sustainability of the Walk This Way program and plan to expand to other schools in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh Traffic Safety Committee and Department of Transport will be the lead agencies to work with relevant stakeholders to work out solutions, including technical initiatives and financial sources for upgrading the safety of 26 remaining schools under the Walk This Way project and other schools in HCMC.

Launched in 2009, FedEx and AIP Foundation have partnered together to deliver effective, sustainable road safety intervention through the Walk This Way program. For over 10 years, the Walk This Way program has reached 268,859 students from 315 primary and secondary schools across the country.

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Image credit above: AIP Foundation