The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 2021-2030 as the 2nd Decade of Action and released a Draft Resolution encouraging Member States to make efforts to protect all road users through safer road infrastructure by taking into account the needs of motorized and non-motorized transport, and other vulnerable road users, especially on the highest-risk roads with high rates of crashes.

It is a new call for action to reduce in at least 50% road deaths and injuries by 2030 and achieve the Global Road Safety Performance Targets agreed by Member States. Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) remains committed, with the support of our donors FIA Foundation, FedEx and 3M, to provide free-to-air access to the evidence-based tool. The SR4S tool supports the success of a global network of Lead Partners, governments, and agencies to create 5-star journeys for children walking to school worldwide.

So far, SR4S has been used to assess 770 schools in 38 countries. Since its global launch, 138 people have registered their interest on the SR4S website to get more information and see how to start their own school assessments supported by SR4S.

If you would like to join the SR4S network and take action in the next decade of action, check the available resources: