The Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, initiated by YOURS, has been launched, opening a path for global youth engagement on road safety actions. During an online ceremony held in July 2020, the young leaders to be part of the Youth Advisory Board have been introduced, as well as some of the planned actions of the coalition.

Efforts to improve school zones can be supported by Board members that are also part of the Youth Stars programme, developed in partnership with iRAP and sponsored by FedEx. In the 3-year programme, 5 Master Trainers based in the United States, Belize, Mexico, Kenia and Vietnam have been trained and empowered on the use of SR4S and will be able to improve safety around educational institutions within their local communities and also to deliver support to other communities and scale up the success of school assessments. Now in the second year of the Youth Stars programme, the five Master Trainers are seeking to build coalitions with local organisations and deliver tailored support to these partners.

The Youth Stars programme is presented in the just launched YOURS Annual Report 2019. The report covers the achievements from 2019 on youth involvement and advocacy for road safety, and summarises activities held in preparation for the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety and the 2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety, including youth consultations held globally to capture youth concerns and demands.

Image credit: iRAP