Thiago Gonzaga Foundation (Vida Urgente), Global Alliance member, has been working to engage the youth on the road safety agenda. Volunteers from Vida Urgente attended the SR4S webinar delivered in April 2020 and have been trained on the SR4S methodology, getting ready to support the first SR4S project conducted in Brazil.

Thiago Gonzaga Foundation (Vida Urgente) has also held the webinar “Youth Statement: Youth Vida Urgente and the Future of Mobility” to youth representatives from Porto Alegre that have attended the youth consultations in preparation for the World Youth Assembly. During the webinar, Vida Urgente shared the key takeaways from the WYA and the Third Global Road Safety Ministerial Meeting in Sweden, including the youth declaration and how decision makers are receiving the requests from the youth.

SR4S Secretariat was invited as a speaker and presented an introduction to the SR4S, details about its global launch, and how the tool can support their advocacy efforts for school zone upgrades and road infrastructure is included in the youth declaration.

On the 8 November 2019, the Caminho Seguro Project was launched in a partnership between the Thiago Gonzaga FoundationPorto Alegre City Hall and iRAP.  Read more about this project here.

Image credit (above and below): Thiago Gonzaga Foundation (Vida Urgente)