The world has been going through unprecedent challenges. Although in different scales, each community has been affected in some way by restrictions to tackle the COVID-19 and is planning, or will plan soon, the post-pandemic scenario.

As governments strive against COVID-19, the burden of traffic crashes on health systems and the little priority given to vulnerable road users over the years get clearer. The need for social distancing will provide an opportunity to reshape public spaces and provide a legacy of liveable cities and communities for the future.

An estimated 88% of travel for pedestrians is in the lowest two star rating categories, representing real and present danger to children travelling to school on those roads. With lockdown restrictions loosening and as part of the framework for reopening schools, ensuring safe and healthy school journeys will be essential to protecting children’s safety, education and wellbeing.

It is time to raise awareness on safe journeys for pedestrians, engage governments and advocate for road upgrades. A quick response is required, and investment in typically low-cost, quick to plan and high return on investment road infrastructure and speed management solutions across every corner of each country will save many lives and stop thousands of preventable injuries entering the health and welfare system.

The SR4S results can support these efforts to guide low cost interventions and quick solutions that prevent serious injuries from day one. SR4S can also allow governments and community partners to understand the need for improvements and quickly assess the positive impact of upgrades implemented.

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