Image Credit: Road Safety Pioneers (above and right)

Eight school zones were assessed for road safety improvements using the SR4S methodology in two cities of Iran.

Road Safety Pioneers are leading school zone improvements in Iran. This project is supported by the Global Alliance of Road Safety NGOs, as a follow up activity after the Alliance Advocate Training Programme in New Delhi (November 2018). The project included assessments around 8 primary schools in Tehran and Mashhad using the SR4S tool.

In 2018, the Local Road Authority used a different method (through a consultant) to assess the schools safety prioritization. After comparing the results from the SR4S and their own method, SR4S was found more accurate and reliable. The SR4S tool was then used to support the local road authorities in prioritising high-risk locations.

Schools that were found to have a 1-star rating received safety treatments, resulting in an improvement to 3-stars for the Shohada School, 4-stars for the Imam Ali School and 2-stars for the Azmoodeh School. The safety treatments included the implementation of delineation, speed bumps, road studs and an on-road thermoplastic school sign to improve the safety of the school zones.

Road Safety Pioneers also met with the local office of Ministry of Education, which led to a training session for school teachers. The close engagement with local school authorities and parents has also helped Road Safety Pioneers to understand the most important road safety concerns of the main stakeholders.