Successful launch of road safety interventions for vulnerable users – Bogotá, Colombia

On Tuesday 19 December, the Secretariat of Mobility in Bogotá, Colombia launched the implementation of iRAP’s countermeasures on 80th Street, as part of the BIGRS work. We announced and explained the road safety interventions for vulnerable users implemented on 80th Street, Bogotá, Colombia.

The media was present, including major TV and radio stations. In addition, the launch also appeared in Colombian’s main newspaper “El Tiempo”, with a whole note of the Secretariat of Mobility Plan, emphasizing that the analyses are based upon the iRAP methodology

The implementation on 80th street covered 2,7kms. Based on that successful experience, in 2018 additional kilometres on the same street will be intervened, totalizing 11 kms of interventions on that street.  In addition, during 2018 both the Circunvalar Ave and Autopista Sur will be intervened, implementing the package of countermeasures from iRAP analysis.

We look forward to our continued work in Bogotá, Colombia – working towards Safe Road Infrastructure to Save Lives.