एआईपी फाउंडेशनAA Vietnam तथा iRAP co-hosted the Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) with Hands-on Examples of Vietnam Webinar on 11 November with the support of the एफआईए तथा 1 टीपी 6 टी.

The webinar brought together over 60 SR4S technical experts, Region II FIA clubs and their partners who are governmental entities, international organizations, and NGOs in road safety, particularly in school safety.

It aimed to provide updates and exchange on SR4S and use of the School Assessments Toolkit in Vietnam. Progress on school zone safety interventions implemented in the country, informed by the Star Rating for Schools application, was also shared.

Infrastructure assessment, stakeholder engagement, challenges and lessons learned for effective implementation and advocacy for policy change were presented by AIP Foundation’s Vietnam team.

वक्ताओं में शामिल हैं:

The programme included:

  • Welcome Quy Linh Nguyen National Programme Director, AIP Foundation
  • Opening speech Greig Craft Founder and President, AIP Foundation and AA Vietnam
  • Opening speech Rob Mclnerney CEO, iRAP
  • स्कूलों के लिए स्टार रेटिंग रफ़ाएला मचाडो Star Rating for Schools Coordinator
  • Implementing a safe school zone project with SR4S and hands-on examples of Vietnam Minh Vo  Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator and Hong Bui Programme Manager, AIP Foundation

Watch the webinar recording यहां.

Hong Bui from एआईपी फाउंडेशन shares the successes of the Safe Zones, Slow Zones program in Vietnam safeguarding children on their way to and from school.

“We must understand the local road safety context before we can identify a high-risk road,” shares Minh Vo from AIP Foundation explaining how we can identify high-risk schools with hands-on examples of Vietnam.