The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) is launching the 2022 Road Safety Grants Programme. The Programme de subventions de la FIA pour la sécurité routière enable Clubs to address road safety at a local level and support the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

As part of the Transformation Stream, the Grant Programme will support FIA members to upgrade school zones through projects that apply the 10 steps of the School Assessment Toolkit and SR4S. FIA members can apply for up to €25,000 per School Assessment Project, to cover the full project or co-fund other sources to upgrade at least one school zone.

Applications: Don’t miss this unique opportunity! The call for applications will run through the FIA Grants programme portal. Call for applications opens on 01 February 2022 and remains available until 15 March 2022.

Pas membre du club FIA? We encourage any local NGO/organisation to partner with their local FIA club to support applications. Vérifiez les membres de la FIA dans chaque pays ou alors contacter la FIA for connection.

For more information on the Grant Programme and Club projects already making school zones safer, click ici.

The FIA School Assessment Toolkit has been developed by the FIA and iRAP, in cooperation with the Fundación RACC et le CAA, funded by the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme.

Click here to see the the 10 projects funded for safer school streets in 2021 – we are delighted to continue to support this programme and work together to ensure the journey to and from school is safer for children across the world.