Image credit: Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety

The Star Rating for Schools tool has been used to assess safer street designs developed by youth as part of an Innovative Local Action Project, led by Transportologi in Indonesia.

Transportologi conducted road safety assessments and focus groups with a school community in Indonesia. The participatory approach of the project involves youth learning and practicing road safety risk assessment at surrounding areas based on their experiences. The approach aims to raise collective awareness on road safety issues among children. In the participatory design phase, youth took part in providing solutions based on group workshops and discussion. To assess the safer street designs made by youth, the project used the iRAP Star Rating for Schools tool to analyze the safety of the road.

The survey showed that both children and parents considered transportation through private vehicles as the safest mode of transport available. However, the two demographics indicated a preference for safer street designs which reduces the risk of children being involved in a crash on their journey to school.

Through Focus Group Discussions, the team has reached 409 parents, 379 students, and 29 teachers. They also teamed up with a total of ten stakeholders to support the initiative and received the commitment of two decision-makers to work on road safety infrastructure improvements in the area.

Among the key partners for the project is the National Facilitator of Child-Friendly School – one of the lead agencies for protecting women and children – and SR4S Lead Partner TUYA.

Titis Efrindu, along with his team from Transportologi in Indonesia were Local Action Winners in 2021. Read more here:

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