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In a formal ceremony on May 9, the Metropolitan Public Company of Mobility and Public Works (Epmmop) in Ecuador, delivered to the community a safe school zone in the County sector.

The Municipality of Quito, through Epmmop and with the support Star Rating for Schools Global Programme Partner 3 एम, developed the safe school zone project in the area of ​​the Sixto Durán Ballén school.

With joy and great enthusiasm, the educational community thanked Epmmop for its intervention in the area. With an artistic interpretation by a student and a teacher, the morning was celebrated and followed with speeches by the educational authorities who expressed their gratitude and promised to continue working with the municipality.

Through the support of 3M, Epmmop trained its team in the Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) methodology.

The Epmmop developed the safe school environment project on José de Soto Street, Condado sector, which implied that this road be uni-directional for traffic, in an east-west direction from Av. From La Prensa, towards Piedras Negras Street and to complement its road pair, Nogales Street circulates in a west-east direction from Piedras Negras Street towards Av. De La Prensa.

In addition, in this area, horizontal and vertical signage was reinforced, the latter was a contribution from the private company that collaborated with 20 regulatory vertical signs that also have the best reflective material to be visible during the day and at night and trained the entire educational community with road safety talks through the recreational group of the Metropolitan Transit Agency, AMT.

“Our purpose with the School Zone Safety Program is to mitigate the risk to which children and young people are exposed daily on the way to their schools, as well as passersby around these school environments. Through vertical and horizontal signaling interventions, we provide solutions to improve road safety standards to save lives and prevent injuries,” said Silvana Gómez Pupo, Leader of the Safe School Zones program of the 3M company for Latin America and the Caribbean.

This intervention plans to permanently improve road safety for everyone, reduce risks, motivate speed reduction, reorganize parking areas and educate vehicles and pedestrians for a healthy coexistence.