As a 2022 Local Actions Winner, awarded by the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety to help address the most pressing issues in the city or area where the youth member belongs,  Zimbabwe youth advocate Tendekayi Marapara and his peers have initiated the “Safer School Zones Zimbabwe” project targeting Glen View 8 Primary School in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The objectives of the project, which include: advocating for reduced speed limits around school zones; forming road safety coalitions involving youth participation; and ensuring improved road infrastructure for schools like Glen View 8 Primary School using SR4S assessment results, represent critical strides toward fostering safer environments for children commuting to school. This initiative exemplifies the effectiveness of grassroots efforts in tackling the leading killer of young people – road crashes.

Through its focus on advocacy, peer-to-peer empowerment, and infrastructure enhancements, the project closely aligns with the priorities outlined in the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030. Moreover, the active involvement of young individuals in conceptualizing, leading, and executing the initiative underscores the significance of youth engagement in driving meaningful change.

Intersection of Glen View Way and 1st Drive leading to Glenview 8 Primary School was upgraded from 1.0 star to 3.1 stars (Crédito da imagem: Tendekayi Marapara and friends)

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