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O Nepal Automobiles’ Association (NASA Nepal) has recently completed a pioneering campaign called ‘Safe School Zone’ – a first-ever Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) campaign in Nepal. ​ The campaign has been implemented following the steps presented in the FIA School Assessment Toolkit and aimed to improve road safety for school children. It was financially supported by the FIA under Road Safety Grant Programme and technically supported by the FIA Foundation e International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP).

Fourteen schools were selected for assessment, including 12 schools from the Kathmandu Valley and two schools from Nuwakot District. Informed by the SR4S assessments, the road infrastructure around three schools was upgraded to 5-stars, nine schools were upgraded to 4-stars, and two schools were rated 3-stars for pedestrians post upgrade.

NASA Foundation Nepal coordinated the campaign, while Safe & Sustainable Travel Nepal (SSTN) contributed as an implementing partner. The project was concluded through an official ceremony in Kathmandu, where the results, summary, and awards were presented to the schools and personnel associated with the project in the presence of Members of Parliament, representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health, Department of Transport Management, National Road Safety Council, Nepal Traffic Police, NGOs, and other stakeholders.

The campaign has not only helped to identify the areas where improvements were needed but has also demonstrated how school zones can be made safer for children through a systematic approach to the management of road safety.

The SR4S campaign was an essential step in Nepal’s road safety journey, and it is encouraging to see NASA Nepal taking a proactive approach to improving road safety. The campaign’s success will hopefully encourage other organizations and the government to implement similar programs in additional schools, leading to a safer and more sustainable transportation system in Nepal.

In conclusion, the Safe School Zone campaign by NASA Nepal has been a significant milestone in Nepal’s road safety history, and it has shown that with the right approach, Nepal can achieve significant improvements in road safety and make the country’s roads safer for everyone.

Results – before and after from the 14 schools

S.N. Schools Before After
1 Sharada Secondary School 1 4
2 Chumunda Higher Secondary School 1 3
3 Tilingatar Higher Secondary School 1 4
4 Kamyak School 2 4
5 Shree Manohar Secondary School 1 4
6 Triyog High School 2 3
7 Shree Souvenir Boarding School 2 4
8 Gateway Academy 3 4
9 Jaya Multiple Campus 3 4
10 Apple International School 3 4
11 Himalaya English Boarding Secondary School 3 5
12 Joseph High School 4 5
13 Shivapuri Higher Secondary School 4 5
14 Shree Sahid Jagat Prakash Jung Shah Sanskrit Secondary School 4 4

Example of road safety intervention in Nuwakot

Presenting award to Joseph High School for a 5-star rating

Presenting award to Shivapuri Secondary School for a 5-star rating

SR4S Certification and Award Programme

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