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KAMPONG THOM Province, Cambodia – February 07, 2024

En tant que membre de SAFE STEPS – Road Safety programme, with support from Prudence Foundation through Prudential Cambodia, completed road safety modifications at Stueng Sen High school were inaugurated. Small steps lead to big changes, and today, we saw a monumental change safeguarding the school community with approximately 100 students and 20 teachers attending. The guests of honor at the ceremony were Mr. Im Vanny, Deputy Director of Kampong Thom Provincial Department of Education, Youth and Sports, and Mr. Eng Ros, Deputy Director of Kampong Thom Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport.

le SAFE STEPS – Road Safety programme in Cambodia aims to mitigate risks on the road by providing students with safety equipment and road traffic education. The program encompasses a holistic approach in which education is key for safe road user behaviors, in addition to the helmet safety component of the program. The Safe School Zone infrastructure modification unveiling was co-organized with AIP Foundation and in collaboration with the National Road Safety Committee, Provincial Department of Education, Youth and Sports, Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport, Kampong Thom provincial traffic police, and Kampong Thom provincial partners.

“The school zone infrastructure modifications that were unveiled today at Stueng Sen High School, represent practical changes made to the surroundings of a school to ensure the safety and well-being of students, teachers, and families. Investing in safer school zone infrastructure modifications like we have today is a crucial step towards ensuring the success of our future generation,” shares Mr. Im Vanny, Deputy Director of Kampong Thom Provincial Department of Education, Youth and Sports.

Safeguarding Young Lives on the Road Across Cambodia

On their daily commute to school, many children and youth are at risk. Road crashes are the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5-29 years globally. In Cambodia, students accounted for 12% of all road fatalities in 2019. Among them, nearly one-half of road fatalities affect secondary and high school students. This represents a public health crisis that disproportionately affects young people the most.

Based on results from the school zone assessment by using iRAP’s Star Ratings for Schools methodology, Fondation AIP began the construction and installation of school zone modifications at target schools. The modifications included Rumble strips, slow-down traffic signs and 30 km/h traffic signs, pedestrian crossing area traffic signs, zebra-crossings, flashing beacons and a number of key road markings.


Thanks to these interventions, star ratings were lifted by 1.8 stars resulting in an estimated percentage reduction in risk of death and serious injuries of 92%.


Throughout the day, students had an opportunity to reinforce their road safety skills and knowledge with interactive games and fun activities. These included helmet use training and further training on understanding speed limits, avoiding distractions, and the importance of pedestrian safety. Students participated in a road safety quiz to test their understanding. Students also implemented activities on National Road 6 to guide road users on how to travel safely, especially when crossing the road in front of Stueng Sen High School.

A sustainable regional program for road safety

The SAFE STEPS Kids – Road Safety program is part of the SAFE STEPS KIDS programme, developed by the Prudence Foundation in partnership with Cartoon Network and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC). The program aims to equip millions of children across Asia and Africa with actionable information designed to save lives and create a future generation that is well-prepared and resilient to life-threatening situations. Core to the proramme is a series of animations being aired across Cartoon Network channels in Asia, reaching over 35 million households.

In Cambodia, Prudence Foundation and Prudential Cambodia partnered with AIP Foundation to implement the programme in schools since 2022 and has reached 12,910 students and 34,541 adults to date through road safety awareness, education, and training activities. The helmet-wearing rate (average) increased from 30.20% (pre-intervention) to 82.20% (post-intervention) at target schools. This led to the reduction of students involved in road crashes when commuting to school.

The program also contributed to the issuance of the guidelines to change the traffic sign, reducing the maximum speed limit traffic sign in school zones to 30 km/h, by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in October 2023.

“Today’s event represents a strong commitment of Prudential in building resilience for the community that we operate in. We also seek innovative solutions to provide protection to children who are prone to risk, especially road accidents. This is the first school that received a complete modification around its school zone area. With this success, we hope to continue supporting the government to make more public school becomes safe for all the children.” Said by Illyasak Hazan- Head of Sustainability, D&I- Prudential Cambodia.

“We are proud to partner with AIP Foundation in this vital initiative to enhance road safety, particularly around schools in Kampong Thom and Kampot province. The well-being of our generations is at the heart of Prudential Cambodia’s commitment, and we believe this collaboration will contribute to a safer and more secure environment for all,” he added.